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Graphic Art Redraw

WHAT THE CLIENT NEEDED SnoConeifornia needed a new outdoor promotional banner produced very quickly for an upcoming event.  They had lost access to the original logo and banner art and could not obtain it from the original designer.  They were also looking to give the old art a face lift in order to keep up with current styles. WHAT I DID I took the small resolution pixelated logo file, the only one the client had, and recreated the logo in a vector-based (scalable) format.  I then refreshed the existing logo to give it a fresh vibe.  From there I created new banner art the meshed nicely with the fun colorful design of the current SnoConeifornia brand.  All that was left was to get a new banner printed quickly.  Off to the presses and drop-shipped to the clients door in the Los Angeles area within 3 days!