Unusual Mortality

I WAS staying with friends who live on the beach.  I woke up early that morning, excited to get the day going.  I was shooting a beautiful property that day.  The sun had just risen.

I walked over to look out the rather large picturesque window to get a good look at the ocean.  It was an overcast morning, as mornings on the beach usually are. As my eyes scanned the horizon, I noticed a small grey blurb on the beach.  Surely that wasn’t what I thought it was.  I grabbed my camera and very carefully walked down to the shoreline.

Indeed, it was.  No doubt a victim of a run-in with a boat, this sweet animal was alone on the beach.   Both tragic and beautiful.

As I sat with him (or her) I mourned the loss of such a gentle beautiful creature and marveled at the powerful forces of nature that ebb and flow just like the waves behind him.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) call the recent rise in seal deaths “an unusual mortality event”.

  • Canon 80D
  • Canon 18-55mm
  • ISO100
  • f/5.6
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